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1. Driving Personal Injury Claims in Illinois: A New Firm's Success Story

Baltoro embarked on a mission to solidify the market presence of a fresh Personal Injury Law Firm in Chicago. With an initial investment and a vision to target specific personal injury cases within Illinois, Baltoro tailored a marketing strategy that not only carved out a unique brand identity for the firm but also paved the way for a steady stream of potential clients.

Strategic Approach and Outcomes:
  • Baltoro’s expertise in brand messaging and visuals gave the firm a distinctive voice in a crowded market.
  • The creation and implementation of a targeted marketing strategy resulted in a robust online presence.
  • A custom-designed lead generation website was developed, optimized for user engagement and conversion.
  • Analytical tools were utilized to track and refine marketing efforts continually.
  • Baltoro managed a precise paid search campaign, capturing high-intent queries.
  • Local service ads were expertly handled to boost the firm’s local search visibility.

After 11 months, the firm’s investment of $34,000 yielded 971 leads, averaging 88 per month, at an efficient cost of $35 per lead.




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Baltoro's Approach:
  • Baltoro stepped in to rejuvenate the body shop’s brand visuals and messaging, ensuring they resonated with the modern consumer while honoring the shop’s heritage.
  • A dynamic marketing strategy was developed, targeting specific vehicle makes and models that matched the shop’s expertise and profitability potential.
  • The strategy was designed to offer flexibility, allowing the shop to manage capacity by targeting certain high-end vehicles only when the certified team had capacity, thus optimizing labor and resources.
  • A new lead generation website was crafted, bolstering the shop’s online presence and customer engagement.
  • Onsite SEO was executed to enhance organic search rankings, leading to a significant 175% increase in organic search traffic within the first four months.
  • Analytics implementation provided the data needed to understand and optimize the marketing spend and strategies.
  • Paid search campaigns ads were managed effectively, driving a high number of quality leads at a low cost.

$34,000 investment over 11 months resulted in 971 leads, averaging 88 per month, at $35 per lead.


Baltoro’s strategic marketing approach not only revitalized the body shop’s brand but also crafted a flexible and responsive marketing funnel that brought in the right leads at the right time, effectively connecting marketing efforts to tangible financial outcomes. The body shop’s journey with Baltoro is a story of growth and innovation, showcasing the power of a marketing strategy that’s both well-tuned to a client’s needs and agile enough to adapt to market demands.