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In a crisis there are seeds of opportunity.  Lets find them

$5K in Value

Why is this Free

2020 is a crazy year to say the least.  We stepped back as a company and said how can we effectively help the broader community.  To cut to the chase we landed on giving away free custom strategy sessions, which we normally charge $5K. 15+ years of experience and working with clients all over the world we know we can provide value to most any company.

What to Expect

Phone Call

It starts with a phone call to understand the business, brand, objectives and market.

5 Slots per Week

2 of our senior strategist are blocking 5 hours a week.


Knowing how you compare to market is a key insight that can drive your next move.

Audit & Competitive Analysis

A comprehensive audit of current efforts and an analysis competitors will drive insights.


After an initial call we will place you in a segment that will drive the most value based on your business, goals, and market.

Digital Freshman

businesses have done little to no digital marketing beyond creating a website.  
Typically includes manufacturers, distributors, and pure sales driven organizations. 
Digital aware
businesses are digitally aware but are unclear on what to do next.  They know opportunity exist but need guidance.
Typically includes businesses that have partially transitioned to digital lead generation or partially transitioned to direct selling via e-commerce.
businesses are digitally sophisticated but need to understand where opportunity for optimization & growth exist.
Typically includes businesses with $1M+ revenue in e-commerce, SAAS companies, and digital first sales organizations.

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We hired Baltoro at our infancy and they helped us grow from a start up to a multi-million dollar online business. They were incredibly knowledgable about their craft and were able to offer invaluable insight. Digital marketing space is so important today and Baltoro is leading the way.

Greg C.

Founder of

Baltoro has been a true partner. They’re basically our entire marketing department. They take care of that side of the business while we drive our core services.

Ray S.

Founder and CEO of Fastmore Logistics

Baltoro has been working with us for the past couple years. They have helped us immensely. Their knowledge of social media strategy is unparalleled. They have helped us grow and increased our leads by a huge margin.  

Sarah S.

VP of Marketing -
La Fin