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New Name, New Logo, + Elevated Vision

Company Rebrand

SCI was previously known as Seating Concepts but the company had evolved beyond just seating.  The Seating Concepts name and visuals limited their appeal in the broader markets and did not match their capabilities.  Baltoro steered the company through the process of rebranding from brainstorming, logo swaps outs to a brand transition plan.

Mission Statement

SCI was elevating their company culture & needed a mission statement to communicate this new direction. Through Baltoro's process the essence of the new company was developed in the missions statement.

Core Values

Core values are often overlooked at a company but SCI's leadership wanted values to match their vision. Baltoro guided the team to 6 core values that now are first principles for the company.

Company Branded Apparel

The new brand needed to be shared far and wide.  Internal team members were excited to wear their new swag and customers alike responded well to the contemporary apparel designs.


Internal adoption and acceptance of rebrand is crucial for success. The Baltoro team engaged with internal employees for input and ideas which lead to great internal momentum for the new brand.


Changing your logo much less your name is a huge change and internal team members, especially sales teams, get scared. A details 12 month transition plan was implemented to move customers from one brand to the next.


The internal team could verbalize their vision but needed Baltoro to mold it to a copy, visuals, names and icons.


Marketing Materials

A rebrand doesn’t stop at a name and logo.  Implementing the design across all assets is key in the transition.