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Traditional advertising requires you to advertise to the many in order to reach the few (think newspapers, television commercials, etc.). Due to technology, we no longer have to waste advertising spend and can bypass the “many” part and go straight towards the “few,” allowing advertisers pinpoint control over their advertising endeavors.

Paid search marketing allows us to market to people directly searching for your product or service.  Yes it is that simple. 80% of people research a product or service in a search engine before committing. If your company is not there you are not in the consideration set.

Google Adwords

Google now processes over 3.5 billion searches per day. That is 40,000 search queries a second.

Bing & Yahoo

With the remaining ~20% of the search volume, there is enough volume to make this channel viable.​


YouTube is the second biggest search engine. 1.57 billion monthly active users.

Google Shopping

If you are running an e-ecommerce website Google Shopping must be utilized.


Amazon makes up 43% of all online sales. They ship 1.6 million packages a day.

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Our Paid Search Process

Every engagement begins with discovery and research, where Baltoro understands as much as possible about the Client’s business (brands, target audiences, competitors, products etc.).  This information then established the best paid search strategy and performance goals.  Subsequently, the strategy is turned into an executable plan.  Paid search is an auction based platform that, if unfamiliar, can lead to excess and ineffective spend.

Before anything is implemented, it is important to get a birds eye view of how you want your campaign structured and what goals you want to accomplish. What is your ad copy saying? Who is your audience? Where will you funnel your customer? What message are you sending? Big questions need to be asked and answered before architecting your campaign. 

The most time consuming, and arguably the most important step in the process, is keyword research. What keywords will yield the right results? The consumer knows what they want. It is important for us to know how to deliver our message or our product to them. The right keywords can make or break a campaign. 

Segmenting your campaign into focused Ad Group allows for extremely targeted advertising. Ad groups can be broken up by product, service, location, previous customer, and everything in between. If an ad group is correctly segmented, conversions increase. 

If you target the right consumer at the right time, it is important to show them the right page. Landing pages are integral. The consumer will see an ad and the ad needs to correlate directly to the page they are funneled. This allows for a clear user experience. A clear user experience leads to a better conversion rate and customer rentention.  

Without data, our efforts to increase revenue or traffic is useless. Data shows us the behavior of your consumer. Tracking their behavior allows us transparency to see what works and what needs optimization.